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New item: 400gsm micrfiber soft wrap around belt.

button and elastic loop to attach around the tail
100% microfiber material 

Slip the Towel over Their Head, Secure it at the Tail and Gently Rub Their Coat.




The Snuggly Dog 
towel is the most versatile towel on the market. It wears like a warm bathrobe while the ulra lightweight super absorbent  100% microfiber material dries your dog's coat off quickly.

Convenient to Take Anywhere and The Perfect Necessity for Baths, Playing in the Snow, Day at the lake/ Ocean, Hiking, Water Sports, Dog Grooming, Dog Shows...The Possibilities are Endless!

400 gsms for a soft, moisture absorbent fast drying towel.

adjustable toggle to secure it around the neck
To Ensure Ideal Moisture absorption the Towel Should Fit Loosely.

 You'll like the ease of slipping it on and knowing your dog is comfy and warm, and will be dry in no time!

The Over-Sized bath  Towel Prevents your Wet Dog From Rapidly Cooling Down. The Microfiber Material Absorbs Water From Your Pet's coat and Wicks it Away for Fast Drying. 


Works Well with all Types of Breeds & Coats

Keeps your Furniture, Walls & Car Interior Dry after the big shake off!
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