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Shout Outs from Our Fans


Gotta Have This Towel


So Glad to Have This Towel

 Love this dog towel! It's super absorbent and soft and my dog doesn't mind it at all because even though it soaks the water up it's not heavy. It was great not to have water all over me or my apartment after the big shake-off. 

Gerry T

This is a Great Dog Product

shutterstock_102544742 (1)_edited_edited

“Nice to have a towel that stays on them until they're dry.  It's very soft and absorbs a lot of water.  He was dry in no time.  The towel stayed on, even when he shook his coat.  I highly recommend this towel!!"

"Super absorbent for fast drying our Springer Spaniel.  Great to slip on him when he comes in from the rain.  Great product!" 


Great Towel that Stays on Your Dog

"This towel works great to put on our dog after her bath or even after coming in from the rain.  Whether she walks around or lays down, we don't have a problem with it coming off."

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